The Goal is Keeping the Goal the Goal

I know this saying may sound simple, but how many times have you not completed a goal that you set yourself simply because you forgot, or because you set another goal before completing the original one?  I know it has happened to me.  This quote, “the goal is keeping the goal the goal,” was said to me and my fellow Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) candidates this weekend.  As simple as it may be, it could not be more meaningful. 

When we set goals in our lives, whether it is for professional growth, personal achievement, or health and fitness, we can forget to keep ourselves on task to achieve those goals.  The monotony of the everyday grind can be enough to make us forget our goal, or even bore us to the point where we set a new goal.  I was not so gently reminded this past weekend while completing the RKC Course how rewarding it can be when we stick to our goals.  The grind is not always fun.  But, who says it is supposed to be?  The grind is work, and should be hard work.  We can find ourselves needing to dig in for weeks, months, or even years to stay on task.  When you stick to it, the fun comes in when you get your results and complete that goal. 

Write your goals down, preferably somewhere you will see them everyday.  Remind yourself how important they are to you so you do not get off track.  Stick to the grind, you will get your reward.  And remember, if your goals are health and wellness, our doctors and staff at Sport and Spine Rehab and Sport and Spine Athletics are here to help.  We are sticking to our grind everyday, “to become the trusted leader in enriching the health and well-being of the public, one life at a time.”

Dr. William Jones, DC, CKTP 
Associate Doctor of Chiropractic, Columbia

“To be the trusted leader in enriching the health and well-being of the public, one life at a time.”

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