Resistance Bands: Are they effective?

theraband resistance bands
Resistance Bands: Are they effective?

As resistance bands gain popularity, you might be wondering – do they actually help? What kind should I use? What should I use them for?

We use resistance bands with our patients every day because we know they are effective. In fact, our inhouse Clinical Research Foundation works with Performance Health to test their products in-clinic, as well as hosts several research studies for them each year. 

Beginner Resistance Levels: Yellow & Red 

  • Re-strengthening after an injury  
  • Elderly maintaining strength for daily activities 

Intermediate Resistance Levels: Green, Blue, & Black 

  • Fitness and general muscle toning 
  • Increase reps then increase resistance  

Advanced Resistance Levels: Silver & Gold 

  • Highest level of resistance for top training
Theraband strength

TheraBand Resistance Bands are a proven safe alternative to heavy weights. Research shows that elastic resistance bands are just as effective at increasing strength as traditional weights. (Disclosure: affiliate link)

The versatility of resistance bands makes them ideal for all types of people, from low-impact rehab to high-intensity workouts. With 7 different resistance levels, you can increase strength as you improve.