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The treatment of patients using cups has been around since about 3000 BC (about 5000 years ago)! We believe that it originated in Ancient Egypt and spread into the Middle East. It gained a lot of popularity in China where it is still very commonly practiced. Cupping causes a decrease in pressure in the area of the body under the cup which brings blood into that area to stimulate healing.

Today, cupping is used for the treatment of many conditions, but our doctors at Sport and Spine Rehab have been using cupping for the treatment of a variety of conditions from tight and sore muscles, muscle and tendon injuries, rib problems, among other things.
While cupping may look painful, and often there are bruises after the cups are removed, that is not always the case. In fact, most people feel immediate relief after just one cupping session! Give this ancient treatment a try, you never know how great you could feel!