How To Achieve Your Goals By Living Brilliantly Every Day

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Physical pain can be a hindrance when it comes to achieving your goals. It makes sense after you understand how strong the connection is between the mind and human body. At Sport and Spine Rehab, we understand this connection. We not only provide care because we want to treat your aches and pains, but we want you to live a HEALTHY and HAPPY life. Read more below if you want to learn how the human body can help you live brilliantly every day in order to achieve your goals.

Perhaps you have a list of goals and results that you want to achieve, but getting there is proving to be a real challenge. Maybe your goal is to run a marathon or to get a big project completed at work. Maybe you just want to be able to live each day positively and improve your health. No matter the goal, there are a few factors that you need to focus on in order to truly live brilliantly and reach your goals, every single day.

In order to achieve a specific result, you must make sure that your behaviors are in alignment with said result. For example, if you want to lose a few pounds, your behaviors should not consist of binge eating and watching the television for hours a day. Adjusting your behaviors so that they align with your goals is essential to reaching your fullest potential; however, it’s not as easy as it may seem. You may know what steps you need to take in order to lose a few pounds, but you may not want to take them. After all, ordering take-out is so quick and easy and going to the gym after a long day is tough. So how are you supposed to adjust your behaviors if you don’t have someone following you around 24/7, cooking you healthy meals and making sure you work out?

In order to change your behaviors, you must change your thoughts. Your thoughts drive your behaviors. If you think that ordering take-out three times a week and watching the television for 5 hours a day isn’t keeping you from losing weight, then why would you ever change your behaviors? So that’s it—we just need to focus on changing our thoughts and then changing our behaviors in order reach our fullest potential.

Well, not quite—we’re talking about the most intricate machine of all time—the human body. Of course, it’s not that simple!

There is another level that’s even deeper than our thoughts and that is our feelings. Feelings have a large impact on our thoughts. Maybe you feel burnt out, lazy, unattractive, overwhelmed, and discouraged. These feelings might cause your thoughts to stray away from, “I want to make a healthy meal tonight,” and more towards, “I’m too tired to work out or cook tonight.”  Unless you change your feelings, your thoughts are not going to adjust. Unfortunately, you can’t just “think” your way out of a feeling. For example, if you feel burnt out right now, you can’t just tell yourself, “I’m not burnt out,” and then expect the tiredness to disappear. While our thoughts have some impact on our feelings, our feelings have a much greater impact on our thoughts—which leads us to the next point.

There is something even more rooted within us than our feelings and that is our emotions. While they are highly interconnected, emotions and feelings are actually quite different and understanding the differences between the two can help you achieve your goals. Emotions are generally consistent between all humans. They are instinctual. They can be measured by blood flow, brain activity, heart rate, and breathing rate. Some examples of emotions are joy, anger, disgust, fear, and sadness. While your feelings (which are based on your emotions, your experiences, your beliefs, and your memories) play out in your mind, your emotions play out in your body.

Let’s say you are feeling discouraged by not being able to lose weight. When you feel discouraged your thoughts become affected, which affect your behaviors and your ability to achieve your goal of losing weight. So how do you change that feeling of discouragement?  First, you need to identify the underlying emotion. Perhaps you are angry with yourself or maybe you are sad about where you are in life. Sadness and anger are strong emotions that can affect more than just how you feel.  Emotions manifest in your body through physiological processes such as high blood pressure or increased breathing rate. What your body experiences is the emotion, what your mind experiences is the feeling.  These strong emotions are likely hindering you from reaching your fullest potential.

So now what?

Become aware and take control. By becoming aware of your raw emotions and tuning into your body’s reactions you can begin to take control. Don’t try to resist your emotions—take them in, one by one, process them, and move forward. Focus on your breath, your strength, your mobility, your surroundings—your mind and your body. Meditate and exercise every day. Enjoy nature. Smile and laugh. Channel all that you are towards your goal. Try to form one strong, coherent signal to your brain and live brilliantly. It’s not an easy task by any means. Reaching your fullest potential and living brilliantly every day will be a task—Every. Single. Day.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about how we can positively impact your life and help you achieve your goals. Don’t let pain or immobility keep your from living brilliantly every day!



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