Drastically Change the Way Concussions are Handled on Your Athlete’s Team

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Dr. Jay Greenstein  quickly reviews three safety tips for concussions that can drastically change the way concussions are handled on your athlete’s team.


1. 75% of repeat concussions happen within 7 days (and 92% happen within 10)–> Meaning, if Joe Shmo gets a concussion, he’s most likely to get ANOTHER concussion within 7 days of the first one. What does this all mean? It means that Joe Shmo needs to be EXTRA careful after a concussion. WE DON’T WANT REPEAT CONCUSSIONS!! Athletes are returning to sports too soon after a concussion.  So what can we as coaches and parents do about it?

 When in doubt, leave them out!


It is always better to leave an athlete out of one more game or one more practice than have the athlete return to play too soon and get another concussion.


2. The self-reported symptoms of the athlete are the best indicators as to the severity of the concussion. This means that communication is key! It is extremely important that you communicate with the athlete to discern exactly what happened during the incident and exactly what symptoms he or she may be experiencing. Don’t let Joe Shmo just wander off to be alone–follow up with him and talk to him about what seems off.


3. The physiological effects of a concussion last long after the clinical signs and symptoms disappear. What does this mean? It means that the brain needs much more time to heal than it may appear on the outside. Joe Shmo may act fine and feel fine, but his brain is still healing and needs more time! So what can we as coaches and parents do about it?

 When in doubt, leave them out!


Sport and Spine Rehab offers a free concussions seminar for every audience. Coaches, parents, and student-athletes. These seminars offer the latest evidence-based research, provide information on how to protect student-athletes, and get expert advice on treatment options.

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Jena L. Slaski, MEd, ATC is the Sport & Spine Rehab Clinical Research Coordinator.  You can reach Jena with questions at jslaski@ssrehab.com.



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